Injured in a Car Accident in Pahrump?  Donโ€™t go over the hump!

We have a local office and a full local staff available to help you.

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by Best of Pahrump Awards 2018

Why JK Nelson Law?

JK Nelson Law is local and experienced.  If you have been injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, or slip and fall, we can help you right here in Pahrump.  Your case and phone calls wonโ€™t get shuffled to Las Vegas, Reno, or anywhere outside of Pahrump.  You will meet with an attorney and have a case manager in the Pahrump office and you will also have the support of a full staff โ€“ also in Pahrump.  They will handle your matter from initial intake until settlement.

Our office is conveniently located at 41 N. Hwy. 160, Ste 8 Pahrump, NV 89060.


Will I be able to meet with an attorney?  Absolutely!  Your case is important to us at JK Nelson Law.  When initially meeting with us and throughout your entire case, you will have access to the entire Pahrump Personal Injury based team, including the attorneys handling your matter.

What does โ€˜no fee until we winโ€™ mean? No fee until we win sounds just like what it means.  While JK Nelson Law is a full-service law firm, we take on car accidents and slip and fall matters on a contingency basis. That means, when you are injured, you get the full assistance of our firm without having to pay a retainer, attorneyโ€™s fees or costs, or anything else out of pocket.

What type of cases do you handle?  While our firm handles a variety of cases, we handle a few types of cases on a contingency basis (contingency = we donโ€™t get paid until you do).  Those type of cases are car accidents or motorcycle accidents and matters arising from a slip and fall.  If youโ€™ve been injured in any sort of accident, we would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your options.

Why do I need an attorney for car accidents or personal injury?  When you are injured, there are numerous parties you have to deal with โ€“ medical providers, health insurance companies, and of course, the insurance company of the at-fault party.   Itโ€™s a lot to take on and your settlement is dependent upon dealing with every party in the best manner.  An experienced attorney knows how to best address the parties and maximize a settlement.

When should I contact an attorney and what do I need to get started?  A car accident is tough.  It happens fast and without time to prepare for whatโ€™s next.  If you are injured, you should contact us immediately.  A lawsuit for injuries from an accident must be filed within 2 years from the date of the accident.  A lot can happen between the date of your car accident and that deadline, but JK Nelson Law can guide you along the way to ensure we maximize your settlement.  At your initial consultation, any details of the accident will help our attorneys to quickly start on the case โ€“ date, time, who was involved, and what injuries you sustained.

How can I see a doctor if I donโ€™t have medical insurance? Treating your injuries following an injury from a car accident is critical.  While health insurance is always preferred in these situations, JK Nelson Law appreciates that some people do not have insurance.  However, not having health insurance does not mean you are not able to get treatment after an accident.  We can discuss your options in getting the appropriate medical treatment.

Will I need to go to Vegas?  Driving after a car accident can be painful.  Driving to Vegas not only wastes time but can agitate your accident-related injuries.  JK Nelson Law has a full team, including an attorney, in Pahrump to handle your case.  Stay local, get Nelson!