Family Law spans many legal areas such as divorce, annulment, child custody, child visitation, child support, alimony, adoption, legal guardianship, state child protection, and domestic violence. These matters can be emotionally and financially draining and at JK Nelson Law, we recognize that and will work hard to obtain the best possible outcome for you. We will review your case with you, discussing your various options, advising how state and federal laws may impact your matter, and work to devise a strategy to proceed to a resolution. Our experienced attorneys recognize that oftentimes, matters can be settled long before a trial if you have the appropriate strategies and therefore, we will be sure to discuss such options. However, we also understand that contested matters require zealous representation up through a trial and our team has experience in trials involving many family law matters. Whatever direction that your matter may take, it is crucial to have an advocate on your side as you navigate through the process. At JK Nelson Law, we understand that you and your situation are unique. We will listen to your specific needs and fight for your rights

  • Divorce: In Las Vegas Nevada, a divorce proceeding can either be contested or uncontested, but both types of proceedings will lead to a divorce in which; (1) the assets and debts of married persons are divided, (2) child custody, visitation, and child support are determined, and (3) alimony or spousal support is determined. Typically, parties in an uncontested divorce will agree to those items and submit a Joint Petition for Divorce. This will result in the divorce typically being granted within 6 to 8 weeks. However, if parties are unable to agree to everything, then they will need to proceed in a contested divorce. In a contested matter, if the parties are unable to arrive at a resolution, their matter will ultimately go to a trial where a judge will rule on the matters and issue a Decree of Divorce. At JK Nelson Law, we have handled numerous contested and uncontested divorce and can advise you of your rights, while explaining what your options are.
  • Child Custody: Child custody matters can stem from having a child outside of marriage, parties needing to change existing custody orders previously issued by the Court, or numerous other situations. In any custody matter, the priority of the Court will be deciding custody and visitation with the child’s best interest in mind. In Nevada, it is presumed that Joint Custody, or shared custody of the child, is in the child’s best interest. However, that does not mean that Joint Custody is actually in the child’s best interest in every case. At JK Nelson Law, we can discuss your child’s situation, review your rights, and ensure that the best strategy is pursued for your legal matter.
  • Child Support: In Las Vegas Nevada, child support is determined based upon the child custody situation between parties. A parent may be ordered to pay child support if they do not have Primary Physical, or even if they share Joint Physical custody of their child. In Nevada, support is generally calculated based upon formulas, but the parties or Courts may decide to increase or decrease the amount based upon other factors. Additionally, child support may be modified depending on several factors, including the change of employment or income as well as the change of custody of the child. Whether you are seeking to receive child support or are paying child support, it is important to seek counsel on the elements that could affect your situation. At JK Nelson Law, we appear before the Courts and the Child Support Hearing Masters and can help you to ensure you maximize your financial benefit.
  • Guardianship: Guardianship is a tool that is necessary when a child or an incapacitated adult needs someone that is legally able to protect their rights and needs. While a guardianship carries significant legal authority to protect a parties’ interests, it also carries legal duties to ensure the protection is not being abused. At JK Nelson Law, we can explain the guardianship process, its benefits, and the duties which may be imposed upon a legal guardian.
  • Adoption: Adoptions in Nevada require certain procedures for Courts to issue an order for adoption. In some cases, there are ways to waive certain requirements in order to expedite the adoption. JK Nelson Law can guide you through the procedures required and work with you to ensure you there are no unnecessary steps taken.
  • Parental Termination: There are times when parental termination is necessary, such as when a third party is seeking to adopt a child. In Nevada, parental termination is often referred to as the “civil death penalty” because of the long-lasting effects on a parent’s rights that it has. Essentially, once terminated, there are very limited circumstances in which the parent’s terminated rights may be restored. If you are seeking to have parental rights terminated or are facing termination, it is critical that you have JK Nelson Law to make sure your interests are protected.